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So… now that you’ve found this, I might as well provide you with more info about my online scribblings. (it’s all about networking) 😉

  • Currently you’re on my main blog. -> Link
  • Then there’s that old web journal which doesn’t get that much attention. -> Link
  • If you’re interested in music I would recommend my music journal. -> Link    which is now continued over here
  • Also tumblr is on my list -> Link
  • Twitter -> Link  (2nd Acc)
  • And there’s yet another blog which rarely gets input. -> Link (not anymore… because it became my music journal)
  • Speaking of rare input… MySpace, anyone? ^^ -> Link

Well, it’s certainly not all, but I guess that could give you an overview.


2018 Update:

I also use Instagram and Snapchat now 🙂
And for anonymous feedback you can click here or here. 🙂


Eine Antwort to “Networks”

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